Meet the Family

DSCN7536 - Copy The Bug

This seven year old just finished first grade! She loves animals, dancing, family time, and reading.  She doesn’t miss a thing and is constantly learning.  She is currently showing interests in biographies and historical events like the Civil War and Civil Rights Movement.  Born in Korea and living in Kentucky since 2010, she is looking forward to a summer of swimming.


DSCN7520 The Bug’s Mom

The most amazing woman on the face of the earth! Once a teacher, a stay at home mom, and retail sales queen, she now works in the office of a medical practice. She loves to read, be outside, enjoy her flower garden, and spend time with family.  Born in Western Pennsylvania and living in Kentucky since 1996, we all love the “exhausted glue who holds our family together.”

IMG_1840 The Bug’s Dad (That’s Me!)

I love being a daddy! I’ve been teaching for 22 years and my current gig is teaching computers and helping other teachers use their technology at a private school in Cincinnati. I love to read, hike, camp, work in my vegetable garden, and listen to music. Born in Philadelphia and living in Kentucky since 1996, I find my thoughts being too sarcastic for my own good.  It’s a good thing I filter most of it out before everyone else hears what I’m thinking.

IMG_0026 Ellie

This 75 pound lap dog turns four years old this summer.  She enjoys food, walks, playing ball, and weaseling on laps of people she loves most. Born in Indiana and living in Kentucky since 2014, Ellie is just happy to be given some loving.