You can call us The Bug Family.¬†We live in Northern Kentucky, just across the river from Cincinnati. I’m just a dad who wants to tell our family’s story from a Dad’s perspective.

A few things about us.

  • You’ll notice that The Bug is adopted — from South Korea, to be exact. This is not an adoption blog, though I’m sure we’ll mention adoption from time to time.
  • We love the outdoors. I’m fairly certain you’ll hear my talk about camping and geocaching before long.
  • I’m a computer teacher and my wife works in an office in a medical practice. We’re average folk.
  • I really like my garden. It is my hope that you’ll see lots of pictures of zucchini on this blog.
  • We’re Christians. We love God, read our Bibles, and are active in our church. Don’t worry. I don’t plan to get too preachy.
  • We live in the Cincinnati Area, but please don’t think of us as Bengals and Reds fans. We were born and raised in Pennsylvania (different ends of the state) and our loyalties lie with our hometown teams. #FlyEaglesFly