Happy Father’s Day to Me!

We decided to celebrate Father’s Day a week early this year. Why?  That’s a different story for a different post.  What does matter is that I got to be spoiled!

Actually, it was a pretty low-key day.

It started with a few quiet moments with my wife while The Bug slept.  We were sitting on the couch sipping coffee when a cherry bomb went off somewhere nearby!  What?!?! We both jumped up and ran to the front door to find the culprit.  (If it was you, SHAME! You ruined our tranquil morning, and you should be really sorry.)  Of course, that woke up Bug, so the party started with a Lion Guard card.  (Lion Guard is one of The Bug’s new loves.)  Inside the card, I was told that my present couldn’t be wrapped and I would have to search for it.  Hmmm….

They played Hot and Cold with me till I eventually stepped outside and saw a shiny new grill sitting on the patio.  Sweet! I’ve been using a table top grill for the past year or so, and it’s a pain in the neck to set it up and tear it down whenever we want to grill.  What a great gift and a great surprise!


Then, it was time to get ready to go to church.  Normally, we serve in Kids Club then go to the service, but this week we opted to skip the adult service.  We’ve had a busy and tiring couple weeks adjusting to my wife’s new job and summer break and all sorts of other fun.  So we went home after hanging with the kids for an hour.

Lunch was dinner which I got to cook on my new grill.  Pork chops, potatoes, and asparagus.  Very yummy.  Very fun to cook on the grill!  (OK, truth be told, we weren’t sure how to do the asparagus on the grill and decided to cook that in the oven. I’m open for grilled asparagus recipes if you have one.)  We followed that up with some ice cream sundaes, and the celebration was over!


We took naps and went to a swim birthday party where The Bug jumped off a high dive!  Now, that was a very cool Father’s Day gift too!


Pro Tips:

  • Even if a cherry bomb goes off on Father’s Day morning, don’t run out the back door.  Yes, I saw the grill before I was supposed to because I wanted to find the evil cherry bomber. I tried to act surprised when the big reveal came.
  • Always work a nap into Father’s Day.  Who doesn’t love a good nap?  You deserve it!
  • Celebrate a week early if you can. Maybe you can squeeze two special days out of it.  I’m still banking on saying something like, “Today is the REAL Father’s Day,” on Sunday.  Who knows what will happen?



5 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day to Me!

  1. Patti Brown says:

    Asparagus with olive oil, minced garlic, salt and pepper. Just put it in a small foil pan (you can fold your own pan, just use heavy duty foil) and grill, just like you would put it in the oven. Yum.


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