My wife and I got to have a date last night!  I admit that this happens way too infrequently.  Life gets busy, everyone is tired, and we don’t hang out without The Bug nearly enough.  However, we had a blast the other night with a group of friends at Breakout in Cincinnati. (I really need to give some props to my friend Erin at A Bird and A Bean for setting this up.)


Never heard of Breakout?  No worries. I’ll give you a primer.

  • Gather a group of friends.  We had 10 in our group, and that may have been a bit too much.  Most rooms can only hold 8.
  • Hop on to to reserve your adventure. You can pick from four rooms.
  • Show up on time (maybe a bit early) and be ready to be locked in a room with your friends.

Yes, I said you’ll be locked in the room.  The whole point of the game is to figure out the clues to get yourself unlocked…and you only have an hour to get out.

So, let’s talk about what goes on in that room. First, they give you instructions in the hallway before you go in. Then, they lead you into the room and they… wait a minute!  No spoilers.  For one thing, it would ruin the fun for you AND I’m fairly certain they frown upon any and all discussion of what really happens in there.  The mystery and intrigue is part of their business.  I do feel pretty confident that I can tell you the room is FULL of clues.  Once you decipher one clue, it leads you to another clue, which once deciphered leads you to another clue, and so on, till you finally figure out the code that unlocks the door.

There is great pride in unlocking the door before 60 minutes expire, and I’m proud to say that my team made it out with roughly three and a half minutes to spare.  Whew!



Breakout is a lot of fun and a great way to bond with your friends, small group, or office mates.  I highly suggest you visit some time this summer.

And when you go, you’ll want some pro tips.

  • Groups of 8.  Let’s get the truth out there.  I enjoy each and every person in that picture.  We’re good friends, and I love hanging out with them.  However, I think that 10 people was too many.  “We” solved some puzzles that left me clueless about the solution.  I joked that I could go back in the same room and be almost as lost as I was the first time because I missed a lot of things.  Most rooms can only handle a max of 8, and I think that may have been better. (No, I don’t have a suggestion of who to leave off the island.)
  • Everything is a clue.  Seriously, I think everything I saw in that room lead us to the solution.
  • Use the calculator app on your phone.  Mental math doesn’t work when under duress.
  • Bring $15 for your “I Broke Out” T-shirt.
  • Always watch your wife for something that might make her shriek.  I will be forever sorry I missed it happen.

I loved my time in Breakout!  Tell me about your experiences in the comment section below!



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