The Wonder of Learning

This week The Bug is taking an enrichment class at her school. I drop her off at 9, squeeze as many home projects as possible into 3 hours, then get her at noon.  She’s learning all about the art of Eric Carle and his books. 

I brought a car full of Goodwill donations to get The Bug today with the goal of stopping on the way home. She came out of class with an armful of artwork and away we went to the car. As we approached Goodwill I heard…

Oh my goodness look one with a tail I can’t believe it Daddy get my paper MY PAPER DADDY MY PAPER!

As soon as I pulled into Goodwill she unclicked the seatbelt and reached for the passenger seat in one fluid motion. 

I had no idea WHAT she was so excited about but I finally figured out that she saw a cloud she recognized from an activity she did in class. And, by golly, there was some sort of cloud identification paper (complete with cotton ball clouds) on the passenger seat next to me. We rolled her window down to gaze at the clouds. 

The entire trip home she told me all the animals and shapes she saw in those clouds (running at the mouth, I may add). 

May she never lose that sense of wonder and awe and that love of learning. 


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