She’s Our Dancing Queen

The Bug’s dance recital was yesterday. (I let my wife handle the bun this time. You know…for old time’s sake.)

The Bug did a marvelous job. This is her third year of taking dance and quite honestly the first time we could see she was completely into it on stage. She was (basically) on cue with all her moves and had the biggest grin on her face the entire time. It was awesome! Her tap/jazz class danced a rousing choreography of “Call Me Maybe” wearing adorable black and gold outfits, complete with pill box hats. (She didn’t want to wear the hat to pictures till she saw others wearing theirs and realized how cute she was in it. Now she loves it!) The Bug was super excited for the finale when she got to come back on stage with all the others dancers with “Shake It Off” blaring over the speakers. It doesn’t take much for 7 year old to get excited, does it?


In the front yard.

No flash allowed, so this one is a bit unclear. "Call Me"

Back home with Mommy.

Here are some things that amazed me!

  • We stood in line for an hour to get a seat close to the stage so we could pack in like sardines with all the other dance moms, dance dads, dance grandmas, dance cousins, and such. Then we sat in those seats for another 45 minutes waiting for the show to start.
  • We were second in line and somehow wound up in the fifth row.  Still shaking my head over that one.
  • The Bug danced for roughly 3 minutes of a 2 hour program.
  • There were a lot of cute kids and a lot of cute tutus. I know who the cutest one was.
  • This recital was basically geared toward the younger half of the studio’s clientele.  The Bug is far enough along in her dance schooling that we could see the progress she’s made by watching the entry level class.  She’s coming along, but she has a lot of growth yet to go.
  • They had some of the older girls’ dance routines as well to show us what’s to come. Those high school girls are awesome!
  • I saw a lot of dollar signs! I know what one class costs per month plus the one recital outfit. I saw some girls up there a number of times, representing a number of classes. Cha-ching! I’m glad we  just do one class a year!

Overall, it was a great day of dancing and celebrating a year of hard work. It was The Bug’s chance to plan Family Night, and she requested a Korean dinner and ice cream.  A great combination.  One of these days, maybe I’ll share my wife’s recipe for crockpot bulgogi.

Here are some pro tips:

  • Bring flowers for your kid. And don’t go wimpy with grocery store flowers or the flowers they sell in the lobby. Step it up with some big boy flowers. Order some from your local florist.
  • Get there early. Get a good spot in line, then watch the lobby fill up with the latecomers.
  • Don’t dawdle at the door. Remember there is probably a second door to the auditorium and the crazed dance moms on the other side are probably streaming in at breakneck speed to get the prime seats.  Run past the ticket collector and get the top dawg spot for you and your family.
  • Bring snacks, and don’t forget the protein.  You’re in this for the long haul. You need to fuel up with some good food so you aren’t a grump when you pick up your kid.
  • “I’m proud of you, honey.” Practice that a few times then tell your dancer that when you see her.  She worked hard this year.  Tell her how proud you are of her work.

Now, we get the summer off till we start dance season again in September!


2 thoughts on “She’s Our Dancing Queen

  1. Linda Ackerson says:

    Our granddaughter dances also, one class, hip hop. Since she is in a different age group I am safe in saying She was the cutest. This year I went with a decorated bouquet of candy bars instead of the traditional flowers. It was a big hit. Just sayin.


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